Almost There

Having done almost all the tasks needed to finish the chair, it’s just a case of applying the finishing touches. One of which was upholstering the speaker covers. For this, I simply cut the Harris Tweed to size and folded it over the edges of the cover and stuck it down with hot glue. My plan was to drill a couple of holes in the chair for fixing the covers in place with screws – however, they fit so snuggly that I don’t think there is any need for that.

Another task that needed done was applying the finish to the structure of the chair. For this, I used white paint on the edges with an eggshell finish which has a nice shine – not quite glossy and not quite matte, but something in between. For the sides of the chair – the wooden parts – I applied wax to help protect the wood and create a bit of a shine.

Having all these things done means the chair can be photographed and filmed for the one great image and final video hand in on monday. I have embedded the technology in the chair and tested it to see that it works – but I can wait until later to upload the stories to the Arduino which should not be an issue as I have all the recordings and am in the process of editing them. I’m really looking forward to filming the video and editing it all – I think this is something most of us hate doing but I have to admit that I really enjoy it.

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