Hilltown Upholstery

Today was a really exciting day! I got my seat upholstered. I was going to try to do this part myself but was strongly advised to get a professional to do it since it’s apparently harder than it looks. I got a phone number from Malcolm for a guy called John who’s based up in Hilltown – his shop is called Hilltown Upholstery Services and I could not recommend him highly enough.

I gave him a call at about lunchtime and explained the job I needed done – I would supply the boards, the fabric and the foam, I just needed to utilise his skills. He told me it shouldn’t be problem and just to pop in. So that’s what I did – I was there within the hour expecting to just drop of my things and collect them again in a day or two. Instead, John stopped what he was doing and got to work on my job. He was extremely helpful, was quite happy for me to watch and learn and did not seem put out when I asked things like “can you do the corners like this?” or “can you make it a bit tighter here?”. I definitely underestimated how intricate upholstery is. John did in 45 minutes what would have taken me days and he did it with such skill and craftsmanship. Naturally, when he was done, I asked him how much I owed him to which he replied “There’s no charge, mate.” I thanked him, shook his hand and he wished me luck. I hope he comes to the degree show to see his handiwork in its final form and I can buy him a drink!

If anyone reading this needs any upholstery work done – you know where to go.

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