Perfectly Imperfect?

I had a slight problem with the Polyfilla as I was using a flexible filler, which when dry became quite rubbery and therefore didn’t sand well. However, I was able to overcome the problem fairly quickly by sanding it as best I could and then re-doing the filler with the right stuff. Following that, I went ahead and painted the chair using a white primer. When I stepped back to look at it, I couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing. Obviously, the chair is far from finished so of course there are bits missing but I felt that after painting I was actually further from the final product. I realised that I missed the wood.

For that reason, I set about trying to undo part of what I had done. It’s fair to say I was panicking but I had to; my gut was telling me it just wasn’t right! It took a long time and a lot of sanding but in the end I felt more at ease with the chairs aesthetics. Now, plywood is not the best wood for finishing and there are a lot of imperfections but then I don’t think I particularly want high quality finish – an important aspect of the design is that it should look rugged and weathered while solid and dependable. I think it actually fits quite nicely. Unfortunately Malcolm doesn’t seem to happy with my decision and is adamant that I should re-paint the entire thing. On the other hand most of my peers prefer the combination of wood and crisp white paint. Even complete strangers have paused to comment on the aesthetics and have been very positive towards it. I’m 95% sure that this is the way forward as it seems to strike a chord in people – but the other 5% of me knows that there is no denying Malcolm’s knowledge and experience. However, I must surely understand the project better than anyone and I have to go with my gut.

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