After a lot of time spent gluing together the most of the CNC’d components to make them into the fundamental parts of the chair and a bit of sanding the chair is just about ready to be assembled. I say it took a lot of time, which is mainly due to the fact that I left the glue to set over the weekend just to be sure of a solid bond. I also couldn’t glue all four layers of the side parts and had to leave them in two halves since there is going to be wires going through the core of these parts as well as the beams – finishing this job would have to wait until the assembly began.

The assembly of the chair was quite a crucial moment as there were many potential mistakes that if made, may not be reversible. I had to insert the beams that contained wires into one side of the chair and then run the wire through the gaps that would become the internal channel when the sides were completely layered up. Once that was done I could glue the outer side layers to the structure, making sure the beams fitted into the slots before adding the remaining beams with the help of a mallet. It was then just a case of slotting the other side on to the loose end of the beams. This was a lot easier said than done since before I was just inserting one beam at a time – this time, all the beams had to fit into their slots in one go. It took a lot of encouragement and must have looked like I was having a brutal fight with the thing but in the end it worked out just fine.

All the assembled parts were generously glued so I threw on a few clamps to keep everything in place and left it overnight to set.

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