Final Build Begins

After a lot of thought I made the decision to go down the CNC route, opting to build the chair up in layers of plywood. It was very tempting to take a punt on the hardwood but in the end I felt that the chairs design lends itself better to the CNC technique, probably due to the natural development from the laser cut models from before. However, I soon reached a new obstacle in that the funding for the MakLab membership was going to take too long to get approval so I would either have to fork out and pay it myself or find an alternative option. I contacted Bentley Fit, a furnishing company in Dundee who happen to have a CNC machine. After sending them my files and explaining what I was after, they very generously offered not just to do the job, but to do it free of charge. On top of that, they finished the job the following day and delivered it to the studio in their company van.

I’m very thankful for Bentley Fit’s generosity. It eased a lot of pressure on me and has given me the boost I needed to stay on track – to stay positive that things will work out!

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