Mark 3

It’s been a very busy and very stressful week. I started off by developing my Mark 2 prototype and thinking about how I can incorporate the speakers into the chair. One of my aims was to make the chair a bit less chunky, which I modelled on SolidWorks allowing me to also visualise how the speakers might be embedded within the chair. I did this by narrowing the sides and adding a taper to the legs. The speakers could be contained in a compartment inside the arms making them easy to hear. I built a full scale cardboard model at full scale, like the Mark 2, to get a feel for it before I go ahead and build the final prototype. I’m much happier with this design as it’s much less clunky just seems to sit better.

I went down to the workshop to speak to Malcolm about the new design who seemed very keen for me to get on with it! But I wanted to get some advice from him on what was the best way to do it. What he said didn’t do much to help me decide on a direction – if anything it made it more difficult. I know I can build the chair out of plywood – building the parts up in layers and, in fact, the SolidWorks model I made was designed with that kind of construction in mind. However, Malcolm felt it could just as well be done using solid hardwood, which appeals to me because I think it would result in a much nicer, more high end finish. I made a decision then and there that that was the way to go. I phoned Brodies, a timber merchant in Dunkeld, about getting the hardwood only to find out that the very earliest I can get the wood is on Tuesday and that’s if it comes. It feels more and more like time is not on my side. I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the weekend stressing about how to proceed. Either way, I think I have to go with the method of building the parts up in layers whether it’s with plywood or hardwood.

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