Mark 2 Update

Time for a quick update on where I’m at.

Following a quick chat with Graham, it is clear that I need to build a full scale model of the chair so that I can get an idea of the space in which it occupies and to get a sense of its presence. So for that reason, I’m not going to build a stool now for the mk2 and will focus my attention on the form of the chair. This decision has been made with not much time to build a chair so I’m going to do it in cardboard. That way I can do it quite rough and make adjustments if I have to.

On another note, I’ve got the electronics more or less working the way I want them to with just a few slight issues but it will do for mk2 I think. There will be plenty time to overcome and refine the technology later.

Another development that came from my conversation with Graham was they way I go about building the final piece. He suggested that I look into using a CNC machine – possibly at the MakLab in Glasgow – to cut wood into pieces that I can then assemble. It plays to my strengths in a way since I tend to make my models on the laser cutter. The CNC could be a similar method just on a bigger scale. It would mean I could get around my lack of experience in wood work. I’ve got an email address for Nicola Hume – a fairly recent Product Design graduate from Dundee who now works at the MakLab. Hopefully she’ll lend me a hand by introducing me to the MakLab and what it can do for me.


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