PeDeTe Feedback

Yesterday I got feedback on my PeDeTe sheets from a few weeks ago. I was a little bit nervous about it since, even though I’ve had discussions with Chris and Graham about my project, it’s often quite difficult to get a feel for how well I’m doing – now I’d get to find out.

I’m quite happy with the feedback I received and can’t complain with anything they’ve said. As I mentioned, the feedback was for the PeDeTe sheets/presentations from a few weeks ago, which by now is a little bit dated – the project has moved on a bit since then but it’s still good to know where I am. Most of the points raised in the feedback were raised by Graham in the mk1 presentation – for example, ‘the connection between the furniture and the book must be thought through carefully. Is the book necessary? If so, what is the connection with the furniture?’ They also suggested that the design of the chair in terms of its form and materials should relate to the context in which Harris Tweed comes from – something I’m trying to develop with Malcolm.

For my indicative grade they gave me a B/A. I’m quite relieved about that since I am aiming high this year and was a little bit worried they might grade me lower than what I’m after. The challenge now is to try and get that up to a solid A. If I can really think about the feedback they gave me and develop my project in response to the points they made it might just be enough – I hope. They said in the feedback that ‘this is a potentially rich project which attempts not just to create a visual experience but also involves aural and touch experiences.’ I need to think carefully about these experience and try to go deeper.


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