PeDeTe Presentations

Yesterday I presented my PeDeTe sheets from my last post to Graham, Chris and a group of my peers. I would say it went pretty well but has left me feeling a bit insecure about my idea. The feedback I’ve got from tutors, students and even some people who read my last post has been excellent! Graham commented that the project was intriguing and noted that it has evolved into something that I probably never expected – I would agree. I am also intrigued as to how it might develop further. Thinking about that is enough to make me lose sleep though.

Despite the positive feedback, I am panicking slightly. Graham emphasised yesterday the significance of our Mach 1 prototypes due in about 3 weeks time – they have to be as finished as possible. That way you can learn exactly what works and what doesn’t. But in order to do that, you have to commit to your idea – and I find that really scary. Not that I have any major commitment issues, but what if my idea turns out to be a let down? Is it feasible? Is it within my capabilities to produce what I have in my head? I really want to do this idea justice in my execution of it.

Another point that came out of yesterday’s presentation was to do with “the book” – what would be in it? How will it give the user a sense of the island? One student, Chris, commented that it reminded him of “story time” – interesting thought…


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