Final Hurdle

Its’s 2014 now and I’m back in Dundee after a relaxing Christmas break. I have to say this feels weird being back knowing that it’s the last semester of uni. It fills me with a mixture of emotions: excitement for what the future holds yet dread, worry and angst of the choices I may have to face; will I get my dream job? If I do, will I have to relocate and be separated from the people and the places most important to me? Or will I be forced to take a job I would never have chosen to do if I had the choice? – then again what if nothing happens after I graduate? What if I can’t get a job?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I came to uni and am doing this course – I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed it and have learned a lot. I’ve developed as a designer but more importantly, as a person. In that sense, there is an element of sadness that soon these days will be past. Thinking of the past makes me wonder if I’ve made the most of these days while I had them. I hope when I leave here that I’ll end up doing something I enjoy and won’t look back with too much nostalgia.

Either way, I can’t dwell on these thoughts for a second longer. My new years resolution is to make the most of the time I have left here. I don’t want to waste a minute of it all. I’ve done 7 semesters in total at DJCAD – semester number 8 is bound to be the one that defines my time here and for that reason there is nothing left to do but to go all out and give it everything I have.


I was trying to find an image to attach to this post and found this from my trip to Lewis. It shows my cousin Rachel jumping over a shallow stream on Tolsta Beach and it kind of sums up the stage I’m approaching – the final hurdle. I just hope there is something or someone at the end ready to catch me and pull me over.



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