Guru’s Day

Guru’s day has come and gone – and what a day it was.

I almost wish we could have on every month – minus all the stressing and rushing around to get things just the way you want it. But speaking to the guru’s themselves was invaluable. You speak to your first guru – in my case it was Ryan Macleod – you give them a quick pitch and suddenly you get this refreshingly new perspective on things. They come at you with criticism and advice all in one go but it’s great – you can start to see your project for what it really is. It’s easy to put the blinkers on when you’re involved in a project like this – so focused on the end result that you forget to look at what’s around you.

Next thing you know, you’re speaking to your second guru – I spoke to Tim Regan of Microsoft – and now they are telling you things that completely contradict what the last guy said! But I’m not caring. That’s genuinely the best thing I could have asked for. The fact that Tim came in at a completely different angle reassures me that my project is still relatively open and it can go one way or the other… or the other… and so on.  I didn’t necessarily agree with absolutely everything either guru said but I definitely took it on board and it has given me food for thought. And as the day went on, I spoke to more and more people – some gurus, some just fellow students who I hadn’t taken the time to really talk to in depth about our projects. One of my peers in particular was extremely helpful. We’ve worked together a few times in the past and each time the results have been great – for that reason, we decided to make a deal. Her strengths are my weaknesses and visa versa, so why not lend one another a hand when the tricky stuff comes up? Just one of the many unexpected outcomes of the day.

All in all, this day will be a major turning point in my project and as I reflect on everything that was said, I may well stumble upon the key that unlocks it all.

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