Last Day On The Island

Today, I decided to go for a wonder around town to take some photographs. I was on the lookout for any interesting colours and textures that might later inspire my design aesthetics. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of juice just as I reached the Castle Grounds 😦 What an idiot I am for forgetting to charge it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Later on that evening, I visited Fiona Morrison, a mill employed weaver who lives in Stornoway. It was interesting to compare her to Sheila, the independent weaver in Scalpay as it was immediately evident that they had different methods of weaving and different motivations. Sheila uses her single-width Hatersley loom for more creative pieces of her own design. She’s passionate about creating new and experimental pieces of tweed for a special kind of market. Fiona uses a double-width Bonas-Griffith loom, built for mass-production and is arguably easier to use. She’s more interested in churning out tweeds designed by the mill for mass market. For her it is more of job and less of a passion.


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