Harris Tweed Authority

Today I met up with Kristina Macleod, the office manager at the Harris Tweed Authority. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this interview – maybe just to get a clearer idea of their role in the industry but either way, I was feeling much more invigorated after my idea during the night.

What I saw when I came in surprised me – in what appears to be their meeting room, they have everything Harris Tweed you could possibly imagine! They even made the effort to lay out on the table various artefacts to give me a very hands on insight into Harris Tweed. Kristina and Jennifer (HTA employee who has been my main point of contact) were very hospitable offering a nice hot cup of tea. We had a really great chat about what they do and about my project. They both seemed quite excited about what I’m trying to achieve and were very supportive.

It was at that point that the biggest surprise of the day came. As it turns out, Harris Tweed Authority are trying to get Scottish design students to use Harris Tweed in their work and have set up an education trust to provide successful applicants with up to 10m of Harris Tweed for free! Of course, I am determined to be one of the lucky students to receive their support and have since applied with a reference from my tutor, Graham, to assure them that the Harris Tweed will play a central role in my project and will definitely feature in my end of year Degree Show and at New Designers Expo in London in June. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for sure.

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