Crafting Experiences Through Design

I had a bit of eureka moment last night! My aunt, Annetta, thought I should step back from Harris Tweed and maybe it would become a bit clearer. At first I thought she was wrong – I’ve spent months doing research on Harris Tweed, surely it’s too late to change that now. I gave it a chance though and started thinking about furniture design – something I knew I was interested in doing right from the start of this project. I love knowing the stories and history behind certain objects – they can make something ordinary become a little bit extraordinary. Could I design furniture with a good story behind it? Something where the user experiences the story through using the product?

Sketch models I made of what the chairs might look like

Sketch models I made of what the chairs might look like

This train of thought was quite exciting! Linking this back to Harris Tweed, I couldn’t help thinking of Ian Lawson’s photography in the new book ‘From the land comes the cloth’. In his photographs, you can clearly see how the tweed relates to the land. I started thinking it would be interesting to translate that into a product such as furniture. Maybe I could design a range of chairs inspired by different places on the island. Using shape and form, colour and texture (this is where Harris Tweed comes in), and functionality I could create an experience for the user that would give them an idea of what that place is like. For people familiar to that place, it could evoke memories of it. Maybe I could incorporate technology in some way to add another dimension – audio, video etc. Maybe I can craft the experience through design?


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