Tolsta Beach

After arriving late on Saturday night following a full day of non-stop travelling it was only right that I allowed myself a slow and relaxing start to the week – it’s not like anyone would be up for doing anything on Sunday anyway!

Luckily the sun was shining brightly – the hats and scarves were being stripped off which is unusual for late November. Not wanting to waste the good weather, James, Rachael and I headed up the east coast of Lewis in the car for an afternoon stroll along Tolsta beach.

Now Tolsta beach is one that I am already quite familiar with as I usually make a point of going there when I’m in Lewis but that doesn’t stop it from taking my breath away. You can’t help underestimating how long it is – and in this gorgeous weather it looks absolutely stunning – even the sea looked inviting! I really enjoyed scouring the beach with my Canon EOS 1000D looking for anything remotely interesting in colour and texture that I could photograph – but at the same time, I couldn’t resist taking a step back to take a snap of the landscape. The crashing of the waves created a mist that made the cliffs at the other end of the beach look even more majestic than normal. I already look forward to my next visit to Tolsta – definitely up there with my favourite places on the island.

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