I’m Going On An Adventure

I haven’t blogged for a wee while now and that’s because I’ve been busy planning my trip to the Western Isles. After my little dilemma with the PeDeTe cabinets I’ve decided to bit the bullet and move my travel plans the next week! Initially I was going to fly – expensive, yes but very convenient. I could leave Dundee after breakfast and arrive in Stornoway with an hour to kill before lunch which can only be a good thing since I better make the most of my time there. 

However, since I’m now going next week, flying is out of the equation with prices being far out of my reach. The plan now is to get the train to Perth where I change for Inverness. I’ll have to kill time there but it will be lunch time anyway so not too much of a problem. From there, I get a bus to Ullapool where the ferry sets sail across the Minch, Stornoway bound. All that in 10 hours. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 14.48.35

At first, the idea of a 20 hour round trip made me think ‘is it worth it?’. And then I thought about it some more. For a start it’s half the price. Also, with Jackie giving me feedback on my dissertation on Wednesday, I can spend a good chunk of that trip being productive and working on that. But the best thing about this trip is also the worst thing. The gruesome length of the journey could provide me with valuable insight and I plan on documenting the journey through photography. It will allow me to truly appreciate the remoteness of Lewis and Harris, even in a country as small as Scotland. The journey is as much an experience as the actual destination.


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