Poor Timing

My PeDeTe cabinets have been dealt a blow. I’ve been dancing around the idea of taking my project up to Lewis and Harris and having made contact with weavers in the Western Isles as well as people in the Harris Tweed Authority it’s been decided that I will definitely be going.

I have no doubt that simply being there will give me great insight into the industry and its surrounding culture. I’m also sure that I’ll come back with plenty bits and bobs that will be perfect for my PeDeTe cabinets and therefore my entire process! But…

There’s always a ‘but’…

Based on my student budget, I’m limited on the dates I can travel. Also my travel plans are largely being dictated by when other people are available to meet. It turns out that for me to get the most out of my time there, I’ll have to go in December – after Guru’s day.

I’m so disappointed that I won’t be able to fill my cabinets with objects and photographs I collect on my travels. That would have really made my PeDeTe cabinets a lot richer. I’ll simply have to do the best with what I’ve got at my disposal and not get too down about it.


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