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Still feeling quite lost the approaching Guru’s day could be what I need to light a fire under me. Someone suggested a mock Guru’s day sometime before it which will give me even more of an incentive to get a move on – but a move on what?!

Well, the answer could lie within the ‘PeDeTe cabinets’ – this could potentially be the key that unlocks my mind and allows me to think clearly about my project for once.

As Graham explained in the class briefing, the PeDeTe ‘cabinets’ at the degree show draw quite a lot of attention. For potential employers, it helps them to understand your process in an engaging way, without stealing the show from the final product. After all, employers are more interested in how you can contribute to their companies projects.

The restraints for creating our own PeDeTe ‘cabinets’ are as follows:

  • It has to be physical
  • It can be one of two formats: a tabletop ‘cabinet’ or wall mounted
  • No smaller than an A2 page and no bigger than A1 (there’s no limit to the depth)
  • Give it a name but don’t make it cryptic
  • Provide a 100 word introduction

Other points made were that it could be one big cabinet or three separate ones for each area but you should think about the relationships between the three. What links them together?

Also, I used inverted commas around the word ‘cabinet’ because Graham was quite clear that he was using the term loosely. Past years have traditionally made bog standard boxes and although these are not strictly ruled out, it would be nice if the ‘cabinets’ evolved into something more – going to have to use my imagination on this one.


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