Tales of Things

Another outcome from today’s tutorial with Chris was on the technology side of things. I explained how I wanted to create an interaction with peoples phones that gained them insight into the story of an individual piece of cloth. My plan is to speak to Ali Napier and find out if this is actually possible and how I would go about doing it. I’ve had a look into various ways of connecting wirelessly with smartphones such as scanning a QR code or SnapTag; wireless connectivity via wifi, bluetooth or NCF; and visual recognition software such as Google Goggles, Blippar). Getting to grips with these methods is beyond me so I’m going to need to seek advice.

In the meanwhile, Chris has pointed me in the direction of Tales of Things which as far as I can see is a website of objects, each with a little story attached. This kind of relates to what I’m trying to do with Harris Tweed. He also introduced me to Oxfam Shelflife which is a project that aims to boost sales of second hand clothes (and other objects) by attaching real life stories to them. They achieve this by putting a QR code on the price tag. Interestingly, sales of second hand clothes have increased but some people are put off buying clothes if they know, for example, that the previous owner passed away. Good little case study though.



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