One To One with Chris Lim

Just spoke to Chris about my recent developments and he seemed enthusiastic and positive about my progress. We talked about the tweed and how there is a story behind the process that can be communicated to the consumer in order to add value.

My main focus was on the weaving process but Chris had this crazy idea that you could trace it back even further to the sheep that makes the wool! Sounds nuts and I’m not even sure if that is possible but Chris’ feedback has made me think that it would be worth mapping out the whole life cycle of Harris Tweed to better visualise the potential stories that can be brought into the product. Also, I need to speak to people involved in this process and find out what information they actually want to communicate.

J1622 showcard artwork.qxp

It is also worth getting in touch with the people who are buying and using the tweed: what kind of information do they want to know? How many hours did the weaver spend weaving the cloth? How many times did the thread snap? Knowing what the consumer’s interests are will probably direct me in the right direction when it comes to exploring the story of the tweed.


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