Taking The Next Steps

Okay, so last time I updated my blog I introduced the idea that will be the starting point for this years project. Today I took the opportunity to speak to Graham and Chris about this idea since the last we spoke I was completely lost and bewildered.

If anything, they helped me realise that this idea is still very much half baked and I am quite unclear as to where to go next. Last week, during the group discussions, Fraser seemed enthusiastic about the idea of culture and identity and urged me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture; perhaps tourism or maybe language? However, Graham feels the opposite and has urged me to take a step closer and focus in on the Harris Tweed specifically. The idea of it being a material led project is intriguing. As a product designer, I’m drawn to the tactility of materials and would enjoy exploring the potential uses of Harris Tweed. I’m not a textile designer though so I’d rather go beyond the conventional uses of Harris Tweed and potentially break new ground with something that hasn’t been done before.

The question I have to be asking myself is, what do I want to have done when November comes? And when November does come, how will I spend my time going forward? To answer that question I kind of need to decide who’s advice to follow – do I take Fraser’s advice and step back? Or is Graham’s advice the way to go?

I’m thinking I’ll do a little bit of both. By November I want to have some Harris Tweed samples that I can play with and experiment in the studio – but while that’s going on, I will look at the bigger picture of Harris Tweed. As for November? We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


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