Enhancement Themes Conference 2013

This summer marked the end of our perfect plate project after starting 18 months ago. In the beginning it was a co-design project to make a game for school children – the following semester we took our game further and volunteered at Tayport Primary School’s Health week which contributed to each of us being award a Graduate Skills Award from the University of Dundee. We went on to write a paper about our experience and ended up on stage presenting our paper at the International Conference on Enhancement Themes in Higher Education at the Crowne Plaza!

The paper was entitled Shake up your wake up and go get ‘em which was presented under the empowering students category – you can read the full paper by following the link. Taking our work from an audience of young children to our peers, project stakeholders and finally to an academic audience was a brilliant experience. It gave us great practice in tailoring our approach to suit each group and ensuring the information we were passing on to each of them was valuable and relevant.

Visiting the conference itself was also a very insightful experience; viewing higher education from the side of the educators rather than the students. It makes you really appreciate how much work goes into providing us with our education. Of course, the delicious food and trip to the city chambers was also an added bonus!

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