How Creativity Is Changing China

As a product design student with a growing interest in China, How Creativity Is Changing China by Li Wuwei grabbed my attention as a way of getting to know the scope for creativity in China. I want to know what kinds of opportunities will arise in the future. At present, China’s creative industry is weak and they continue to rely on the West for design and innovation. But that could be set to change and when it does, where will that leave us? Do we want to engage in competition with the Chinese? Maybe competition is a good thing that will fuel our creativity but China is an economic powerhouse of mega proportions – we might just be fighting a losing battle. But the rise of China’s creative industry doesn’t have to be a threat. It can be a world of new opportunities and perhaps partnering with China is what is needed in order to stay competitive at all.


In his book, Li Wuwei explains that creative industries maintain and protect historical and cultural heritage, improve cultural capital and foster communities as well as individual creativity. This leads to the improvement of cultural assets of cities, the establishment of city brands and identity, the promotion of the creative economy, and overall economic and social development. In this context, creativity is changing China forever and the outcome will have a profound impact on the global market.


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