Case Study: Fitness Products & Services

Nike+ FuelBand

Using a sports tested accelerometer, the Nike+ FuelBand tracks your daily activity such as running, walking, basketball, dancing… anything really. It tracks each step taken and every calorie burned.

First off, you set a goal – decide how active you want to be and the band’s LED display lights up from red to green showing you your progress throughout the day.

Track your progress on your phone – visualise your daily activity to see when you’re most active and when you’re not. It helps you understand your activity patterns and helps you do more.

Stay motivated – Receive achievements and rewards as you progress. Get on a streak, exceed your goal and hit milestones along the way.

Tell the world – Share your activity through Facebook, Twitter and Path.


Adidas miCoach

MiCoach is a platform of devices and software that take performance monitoring technology to the next level. It collects your movement and cardio data during training or competition and helps your build a training plan specific to your sport and your goals, offering audible coaching in real time.

It lets you sync, share and compare your data online – wherever you are, so when you’re on your game, you can let the world know right from the pitch.


Wii Fit Plus

“Wii Fit Plus is a combination of fitness and fun, designed for everyone young and old.”

The Wii balance board is simple and fun. It can read your real life movements and bring them to life on screen. Chart your progress by tracking your BMI and “Wii Fit age”.

Set your goals by entering a target BMI within a timeframe and get feedback and tips on your progress. Has a variety of training methods such as yoga, strength, balance, aerobics or just create your own personalised workouts. Coming soon, is the new Wii Fit U:


XBox Kinect with Nike+

Similar concept to that of the Wii Fit but much more accurate with its motion sensors and 3-dimensional mapping.


PruHealth Vitality

PruHealth Vitality is a healthy living programme. It gives you points for doing healthy things and points add up to your vitality status. You earn points, your vitality increases. Start at bronze and work up to silver, gold and then platinum. It gives you something to aim for and means you can see your hard work paying off.

PruHealth helps you understand how you can improve your health – complete a simple online health review and they will show you how healthy you are and help create a personal plan to get you healthier.

They support you when you eat well, get active and stop smoking. Through vitality partners, you get discounts on things like gym memberships at Virgin Active and LA Fitness, fitness equipment and bonus nectar points when you buy certain healthy foods. When you do healthy things you get points towards your vitality.

PruHealth gives you rewards to keep you motivated – when you make positive changes to your health you can see the latest movies free every week of the year. Discounted tickets to concerts and west end shows are also up for grabs as well as discounts on holidays. The healthier you get, the bigger the rewards. You can even win cashback or discounts on your premium.




Limitless potential of you – the definitive destination for those who want to build their own healthy living success story. Feel empowered through food, fitness and inspiration because eating well and staying active are critical to preventing cancer and other illnesses. Livestrong offers content that engages and informs, complimenting that information with practical tools.

MyPlate – food and fitness tracker that turns smart choices into natural habits.

MyQuit Coach – a smoking cessation app offering a personal quitting plan providing support and encouragement from social circles.

Loops – mapping tool for local running, cycling, walking and hiking routes.


Change 4 Life

Get going every day – Change 4 Life provides tips and advice for better living for everyone. Here are just some of their ideas:

Walk – great way to de-stress. Do it with a friend as an alternative to going for coffee.

Dance – go to a class with friends or just do it in front of the TV or the radio when nobody is looking!

Cycle – cycle around your local park or on a designated route. It’s a great family activity and fun for kids!

Swim – splash around with the kids or do lengths. It’s very therapeutic and the jacuzzi or sauna is a real treat afterwards.

Bowling – a good workout to get the adrenaline going and is great fun with friends and family.

Change 4 Life is a great site because it has something for everyone – exactly who my target market are. There are lots of things out their for adults but not a great amount for kids – it seems to be up to parents to sort them out. I also have to think about people with disabilities and also those on low incomes. Luckily there are lots of great ways to get fit for free:

Walk everywhere, running podcast, strength and flex workout, cycle to work, park games, home exercises, skipping, trim trails, green gyms, outdoor gym, DIY bootcamp, free equipment, park football and mall walking.


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