Digital Hallway

So it’s the first week back after a long Christmas holiday and what better way to kickstart the new year than a celebration of our work in 2012. Over the festive period we’ve been working hard to put together an exhibition for the 21st Century Barometer project and created a website: Digital Hallway


The design of the exhibition has given us valuable experience in showcasing our work which will come in to play when we set up our degree show at the end of year 4. As it turns out, the exhibition was a great success getting a lot more visitors than I had hoped for with people from across the university and the general public, including people in the industry. In addition, I would go as far as to say that the current fourth years are getting slightly anxious about their degree show knowing we’re hot on their heels!

The feedback we got from the exhibition has helped boost my confidence as a designer and has given me much more motivation for the work that lies ahead in semester 2.





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