Making Progress

Over the last week I’ve been planning how to make the water feature. There’s a few factors I’m taking into account such as the form, the materials and facilities at my disposal, aesthetics, and how these factors will affect the flow of the water. Of course the materials have to be water resistant so I can pretty much rule out wood. Stone would like nice but with the little time we have left and stone not being the most malleable of materials it might be a bit ambitious. I’ve decided to use acrylic since its so readily available at the university and easy to work with.

As for the form we’d like to keep it simple but in a way that allows the water to cascade down and remain the focus. For this I think a tiered structure in the style of a pyramid will be very effective.

I made a quick model using MDF to get an idea of the scale and function it will have.

Meanwhile, Rachel has been working on including a manual override into the code for presentation purposes. Here’s a short video of it working:


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