User Testing

This week we had a user testing masterclass. Graham showed us several examples of user experience prototypes from a variety of companies (mostly IDEO) such as the kiss communicator, kodak, spy fish, health buddy and social mobiles. They say the main aspects to consider are context, mood, user, design, connect and world. It’s not easy to cover all these aspects so for example – you might have your product in the right context but the user testing the product might not necessarily be the intended user. Or perhaps the mood of the user will affect their experience of the prototype.

We gained more insights from the user testing expert Jakob Nielsen, creator of He explains that the optimum number of people to test a product or service on is five, as you will gain the majority of your insights from them. Any more and the insights end up just recurring. If you have fifteen people at your disposal to test on, it would be more efficient to test on five and develop the prototype based on the insights. Then test on the next group of five, develop the prototype and so on.


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