Pressure Week

We’re pretty much halfway through the semester which means it’s now reading week. As a result we have no timetabled classes this week but in our groups we’ve been asked to develop a rough prototype with our now free time.

After Friday we each decided to do research into Chinese culture (because we’re designing for a family in Shanghai) and think of how we want our prototype to come across. Rachel had a look at Feng Shui, the “Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi” and found that water was considered the most powerful symbol of money and wealth. This conveniently ties in beautifully with my idea of using water levels as a way of gauging money, an idea inspired by the movie Rango, in which desert creatures use water as currency.

Another symbolic theme Rachel picked up on is the use of colour in Chinese culture. We found that red symbolises luxury and richness while gold represents wealth, so it seems likely that these colours will appear in our prototype. As an added bonus, we’ve managed to get in contact with a Chinese ethnography student who will hopefully be able to provide lots of insights over the coming weeks.


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