Initial Prototype

After gathering our research and initial thoughts it’s time to press on with this prototype. We decided that the physical form was the lowest priority for this particular one, as that would come later when we know what we want the interaction to be. For now, we want to focus on making this more of a technical prototype and to some degree, an experience prototype to help us understand what way is best for the user to interact with the product.

Within the group we decided to play to our strengths: Rachel and Michael tackled the code used to pull data from the internet – which in this case is the bank balance within an email, theoretically from the bank. Once we have this data we can then use it to control an output.

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting together a quick model that will house the necessary components and hopefully communicate the data we’ve pulled.

The idea here is that this box would be mounted on your wall. There’s a slot at the top for inserting a bank card. This runs the arduino program which pulls the data from your most recent “bank” email. The circular face then rotates to show more “water” (blue acetate) if you have more money or less water for less money. For this to work, we’re going to need to create a switch action inside the card slot – we’re thinking of using some form of sensor – and a servo motor to spin the circular face to a position determined by the pulled data.


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