iPad Smart Cover

Although this isn’t part of my university work I’d still like to share this with you.

Recently, my Dad got a brand new iPad 2 from his work. I’m yet to see how this improves his productivity but that’s beyond the point… he should just hand it over to me.

But until then he can enjoy his personalised cover I put together for Christmas last year.

Basically, my Dad is the complete opposite of an Apple fan boy so I wanted to get him something for his iPad that would help him give it the love and attention it deserves!

What the design consists of is his name and a map of his home, the Isle of Lewis. I also wanted to include our favourite football team, Hibernian FC, without it being obnoxious. So I decided to use these 4 images that symbolise Hibernian: a football, the harp (for their Irish heritage), the boat (for their location in Leith) and Edinburgh castle.

If you’re interested in this and would like one for yourself let me know!


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