Hacking The Potters Wheel

A lot has been happening the past couple of months. Last time I blogged I introduced you to the concept and the sketch prototype. Well now we have a much more resolved prototype which I’d like to get you up to speed on. I’m going to do it in a series of blogs instead of one big one. So here we go…

After speaking to our workshop technician, Sean Kingsley gave us a new contact who might be able to sort us out with some pottery supplies. We got in touch and Alastair Kettles was kind enough to give us an old pottery wheel. As long as it spins the clay, we can run with it.

We had a quick brainstorm to figure out what kind of structure we would build around the wheel. The structure would need to be able to house the motors that drive the sculpting arms but we wanted it to look good too. We decided to make it a spiral so that it would follow the shape of the wheel while holding the sculpting arms at varying heights.

Our customised potters wheel


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