[Sound by Design]

Just a quick update on what’s happening on the design front!

Our new project is very open brief. In groups of three, we have been asked to create a meaningful interaction using sound. I couldn’t be more happy with the group I landed. It’s great to be working with Lynsey Brownlow once again. I think this is the FIFTH time I’ve collaborated with her in my one and half years at uni. We are quite like-minded sharing similar ideas and design values and are able to work well as a team so I look forward to seeing what we can come up with.

John Thomson, Lynsey Brownlow & James Rice

The new addition to this group is James Rice. Worthy of our Dream Team status, he’s an experienced grade-A student who never fails to produce the goods. He’s the one who sets the bench mark each semester and if I’m being honest, I generally gauge my performance against his to see if I’m doing well enough. Having him on our side can only benefit us.

Together, we have created [Sound by Design] and it has its own blog! If you click the logo at the top of the page it should take you there!

That’s all for now. Watch this space…


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