Children’s Radio Foundation

As the project I’m involved in just now is in radio design, the charity Children’s Radio Foundation has captured my interest. It’s a fascinating insight into the way people from different backgrounds interact with radio and what it means to them.

So what exactly is the Children’s Radio Foundation? Well, simply put, it’s a project put in place to give young people a voice, connecting them and providing them with a tool to contribute to individual and social change. It started off in South Africa in 2007 and has been implemented in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia and more recently Haiti.

The CRF’s radio show, The Radio Workshop, broadcasts the children’s stories to global audience of listeners. Some of the content includes stories from inside schools, hospital diaries, audio pen pal programs and general youth dialogues.

So why radio? Radio is the most widely available media everywhere because it doesn’t cost a lot and connecting is made easy. Young children have a lot to think about in these parts of the world but no way to talk about their challenges and get advice. The CRF gives children a place to voice their concerns and tell stories of their triumphs and strategies for success. This way they can share their experiences and also learn from others.

If you want to know more you can visit their website at and you can also make a donation to keep a good cause going.


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