Rocking To The Beat

More and more I see people walking around the streets looking like lost DJs. Even stars like Will.I.Am are joining in on this latest craze!

I’m talking about Beats by Dr. Dre. They’re everywhere! And I’m not having a go at them, I think they look insane and I’ve tried a pair myself, the audio is phenomenal but how did this craze come about? It’s probably because the chunky design is reminiscent of the type of headphones you’d see artists wearing around the recording studio. Not only that but these are stylish! There’s a wide range of colours available so there’s something for pretty much everyone. You can even pay a little extra and have them custom made!

So what does the Dr have to say about this?

Suddenly everyone wants a piece of the action! Dr Dre has teamed up with David Guetta to bring us Beats Mixr headphones, which are designed specifically for DJs. HTC have also made a deal with the doctor to make Beats the standard headphones for their mobile phones. Dre even has his finger in the motoring industry with Chrysler using Beats to enhance their drivers audio experience.

But if you think the age of designer headphones is just a passing phase then think again. Monster have joined in with Beats to create Heartbeats, with Lady Gaga as the image so maybe now Beats appeal will spread into a more feminine market.

So where’s the competition?

Introducing Sleek by Curtis Jackson, or as he’s better known… 50 Cent. Yep, 50 is jumping on the bandwagon and has recently announced he’s releasing these state of the art headphones. Designed by 50 himself the headphones use state of the art technology to bring the best audio quality money can buy. They may well prove to be tough competition for Dr Dre Beats because these headphones… are wireless.

Will this new craze be a hit? Or will it eventually fade away? We’ll have to wait and see.


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