Year 2: Radio Redux

So I passed my first year, summer is over and I’m back in Dundee to begin Year 2. Already its much more interesting than Year 1 was. I finally feel like I’m doing the things I came here for! Making CAD drawings and models, prototyping products with the laser cutter, soldering circuit boards to make products that work and learning how to write codes to program them. It’s all coming together and there’s another 3 years of this stuff!

For this project, we have been asked to design and build our own analogue radio. To make things more realistic, we’ve each been asked to make up a character card. Our final product has to be one that this character would buy.

I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months now. I’ve done mind maps and research; reading books, surfing the web, looking up images and observing peoples relationships with radios until I came up with 10 insights. I then did a huge brainstorm with these insights in mind and came up with 100 ideas (10 for each insight). Then with my character in mind, I made a criteria for what the radio should be. It should be aesthetic, have simple technology yet interesting and, for my character, it should hold nostalgic value and be inspiring. This allowed me to narrow my ideas down to 3 ideas which I will develop into more detailed concepts, which is my main objective for this week. I’m looking forward to getting them done so I can start some serious prototyping!


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