Identity Box

As part of my course I am doing this module called Design Studies. Our first task is for us to think about who we are and try to convey this in the form of a wooden box that we made earlier as part of our workshop induction. The brief has a lot of emphasis on identity and how it shapes your persona. This is what I came up with.


It’s almost all to do with my heritage. My entire family is from the Isle of Lewis so there is a strong link there. You can see a map of the Western Isles, the Thomson family crest, an ambigram that reads Thomson one way and Macleod another (no joke!) and the words “Airson Leodhas a maireach agus Alba an ath scheachdain”. This means “For the Lewis of tomorrow and the Scotland of next week”. Not really sure what it means but it’s a nice quote from a book I read, The Stornoway Way by Kevin McNeil.
As for what’s inside the box? I’m afraid you’ll never know…


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